I'm not sure I want to see this.

We finally arrived at the ski hill... the snow had turned into rain.


I cannot help laughing at his odd manner.


This law mitigates the negative effects of economic recessions.

When did you last talk to Jan?

Taurus wrote Floria a letter and thanked her for her help.


He asked me to dance.

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We'll meet her there.


Marsha thought that Tharen would be here today.

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Don't tell tales out of school.

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Tell Vincenzo it's a priority.

Can this wait till morning?

Don't mumble your words. You are too old for that.


I'm going to mail this letter.

You probably shouldn't tell anybody about that.

Dan was lonely and withdrawn.

You take me for a sucker, don't you?

I want it in my office.

From this point of view we should say he was right.

I'll meet them at six.

Is that what you really wish?

Vistlik made a bamboo flute for Geoff.

The scientists tracked the birds using small radio transmitters on their backs.

They aimed their guns at Pedro.

Dan will always contribute sentences.

He worked day and night; otherwise, he wouldn't fulfill his mission.

The Hindenburg suddenly burst into flames.

Do you have anything non-alcoholic?

I was all the more disappointed because of my expectations.

I'm impressed with your German.

Lester looks a lot like John.

Bergen is a Norwegian town.


I found it difficult to make myself heard because of the noise.

I like art.

Your friends are really concerned about your health.

And there were three.

A question has been proposed to me.


Alexis just got a great job.

Murray ran over a dog yesterday.

I live miles away from the nearest station.


Melinda never lived in Boston.


I don't understand Hungarian, sorry.

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There's a hole in this bucket.


I knew you were a smuggler.

New York is one of the cities that I previously thought that I wanted to visit.

Seals are clumsy and ponderous on land, but very graceful in the water.

Liza and I dated for three years.

Temperatures at the North Pole have hit a record high.


It stopped short at a result far from the 10% taken as the target.

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You have to stop him.

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I study once in a blue moon.


Nowadays we want our children to make their own decisions, but we expect those decisions to please us.

I should have done it by myself.

I'll be all right in a minute or two.


Mat and Alvin's house was broken into in broad daylight, while the family was in the garden.

There will be a Force 3 wind tomorrow.

Jeffery worried about whether he had enough money to pay for such a nice meal.

I don't have to study tonight. I think I'll watch television for a while.

An optimist believes we are living in the best of all possible world; a pessimist tends to agree with him.

I just noticed it.

People sometimes compare death to sleep.

Which team won the game?

In some societies, wives are still considered the property of their husbands.

Why didn't I notice this before?

Stephe doesn't know what Jamie might be thinking.

What will life be like in 2014?

Let us pray for a perfect, an eternal, peace.

Moderate exercise invigorates the blood circulation.

He passes for a college student.

I'll be around back.

I am joining the piano competition this February.


Love is just a legend created somewhere.

We ran on as far as the station.

I adjusted one.


One of you should be helping Darrell.


He came to Tokyo at the age of three.

It doesn't make any difference to me whether Andrew comes or not.

Someone waits for me.

Dalton bought a new multifunction printer.

How much longer are we going to wait?

Edith's holiday bungalow has panoramic views of the ocean.

I just want to know what I'm getting involved with.


Do you think we should give up?


One thing I've always wanted to do is go camping with my family.


He barely speaks to me anymore.


Silver is sometimes more valuable than gold, that is, in large quantities.


Louie signed his name with the new pen that he got from Lindsey.

Are you suggesting it might not have been an accident?

The computer doesn't work.

Both Craig and Sonja look disappointed.

I want the red balloon.

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She wept with emotion.

The dog wagged its tail.

No, I'm English.

I thought it might be better to tell you now instead of later.

It's really hard to choose.

Don't test me.

The boy is his father in miniature.

Do you know for sure that was Knut?

Kee wore a heart-shaped locket.

We need to help him.

He dreaded having to spend Christmas in the hospital.

It's impossible to tell what might happen.

Human rights organisations complained loudly and repeatedly about the lack of civil liberties in the country under Ritchey's rule.


We may not be able to solve all our problems, but we should be able to solve some to them.

Did you enjoy your swim?

The idea struck me as absurd.

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Just sit over there with her.

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Thanks. See you next time.

When will you leave for the Moon? We all need you.

I'm in love, but I don't know if it's mutual.


From now on, I will not use that word.

I'm still proud to have served with Novo.

It'll cost at least 2,000 yen to take a taxi.

It's always the same.

It is such warm weather that the roses will bloom soon.


Music brightens our lives.


They kill two birds with one stone.

This is good sushi.

Did she kiss well?

I just wish I had my camera.

The scores are standardized.

I'm afraid there is nobody available to help you right now. Please call back in an hour.

I have a terrible toothache.

I'll go tell the others what we need to do.

I didn't have time to proofread my report.

The rain lasted three days.

It isn't raining much this year.

My god is the greatest!

Plasmas behave unlike anything we experience on a regular basis on Earth because they conduct electricity and travel with their own set of magnetic fields entrapped in the material.

An American Government cannot permit Americans to starve.

In order to bring about an effective agreement of wills, it is not sufficient to study other languages.

She didn't run fast enough to catch the bus.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Hang on just one moment.

With great effort she managed to fold one more.


Why did you delete my number?


The police used a battering ram to break down the door.

I think they'll be late.

We know her.

Eduardo is drinking a diet cola.

I think you'd better tell him.

She has one cat.

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

But despite his victories in an important series of wars in many parts of Europe, Napoleon suffered some very serious losses.

Everyone had recognized him.


Kieran can't swim as well as me.

Rajeev is interested in computers.

Her last words were: "I can't breathe."

These gadgets seem to be of no use.

Write down your thoughts every day and one day you'll be able to understand something about yourself.

The day is long and is the right one.

The actual price was lower than I thought it would be.

I don't know whether Hitoshi is happy or not.

I was numbed by her sudden death.

Bobby is still in surgery.

I asked him to begin his trip at once.

You know how much I appreciate your expertise.

What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

He doesn't want to go to school today.

You are really talented.


Don't let her know that.